Grouping samples in instruments section into a new multisample in left sample section

Hey I’m new to Renoise and I have kind of a noob question. So, I have loaded a bunch of 909 Kicks, some 909 snares, some 808 kicks and snares into the instrument section at the top right. One time when I selected multiple samples, kicks I believe, and pulled them into the instruments section it worked and created a multisampled instrument on the left side and mapped them across the keyboard. But, with the samples that I loaded into the instrument section 1 by 1 are being considered completely separate instruments, which makes sense and I understand. But, how do I take multiple instruments, let’s say some 909 snares which I pulled in individually, and group them in the way that it did when I pulled them in as a group? Basically I want to combine samples in the instrument selector into a multisampled instrument in the left column. Is there a way to make a new sample in the left column, call it 909 snares or something, and drag in the 909 samples from the instrument column and have them mapped into one instrument instead of 5 or 6 individual instruments in the instrument column?

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Press the drumkit button in the keyzones tab of the instrumen editor. Check out the manual and official youtube channel for better instructions.