Grouping Tracks

I’m certain this topic has come up before but I didn’t see anything from my search results so here goes. Is there currently or perhaps future plans to have the ability to group tracks together, give them a name, then expand/collapse them? I was thinking about this today while working on a song and I had my different drum sounds on seperate tracks. I was thinking it would be nice to be able to highlight and group those 5 or 6 tracks, call it “drum kit”, and then collapse it while I’m not currently working on it.

It has been mentioned several times… I have even seen photoshopped screenshots with how these groups could be tagged visually.
The idea is great, but i think it might take a while before it ends up in Renoise.
It sounds like an “i had some spare time to implement this suggestion”-idea. And that kind of stuff usually comes by real surprize (even for most team members)