Groups also for send/aux tracks

Topic says it all I guess. While working on a large project today it hit me that groups for send tracks would be a nice feature.

And they could work exactly like track groups do.

One example of good use:
Lets say you have 4 different delay send tracks, and 4 different reverb send tracks. You come to a point in your arrangement where you want to kill the tails of all these for 1 second. If you had all these 8 fx tracks in the same group you would only need to make that cut once, and save a lot of hassle.

I’m sure there are many other good uses too, for example having a global fx or EQ on the group that could benefit all underlying fx tracks.

Good idea to have grouped send.

You probably know the trick, but I share my workaround:

I create a new aux track that will be the "receiver"and add sends (that point toward the “receiver”) on each one I want inside the group.

Sended tracks have to be in a “previous” (to the left ) position compared to the “receiver” send track…

Thanks. Yup, I’ve used that workaround earlier, and it works ok - but it in bigger projects it get’s very clumsy quickly, and it puts these restraints on the order that could be avoided.

Grouped send tracks would look way more organized too! you could for example have a send group called “Delay”, and then underneath > separate tracks for “General”, “Dub”, “Mad Feedback”, “PingPong” etc.