Groups And Crossfading

Call me lazy for not reading over the old suggestions threads where groups were conceived,
But these things are great for crossfading! (among other similarly obvious meta control operations)
Lovely and organised!
Hydra in the parent group along with all your DSP, gainers in teh child. Great!

Haven’t grouped anything since the grouping bugs in b1 yet, but could you post an example song of what you mean with crossfading?

I’ll bash out an example later on today.

Be really nice if we could upload files on this forum. Anyhew…
Crossfade example

The example has one instrument playing different things in two different tracks.
The Group is applying a limiter and has hydras controlling gainers on track A and B, and also the send levels from each track.
Play with the XY device.
X is controlling the crossfade between the A and B channels
Y is controlling the relative send levels of each.

Oh! Jonas, I just downloaded your new album; enjoying very much indeed, thanks! Buy yourself lunch on me!

Thanks for the clear example and lunch money Ash! :drummer:

Fun putting a lfo to that crossfade and tremolo-fade between track, really need to play around more with all the meta devices.

Meta devices are too much fun to play with IMO, always start working on a song with good intentions and end up building a huge web of “meta”.