Growing Old

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First composed during 1999, using the old music-software Fast Tracker II. Due to a lingering fascination with the song, and some demand to re-release it (along with other old songs like Student X) I have remixed and remastered this for release. Renoise 1.9’s ‘no interpolation’ sample feature has allowed for a restoration that is as sonically lo-fi as the original, which was previously difficult to execute. Additionally, the modern software allows the opportunity to polish the mix so it doesn’t destroy your bass speakers as it previously did. Still, compared to my latest work, ‘Growing Old remastered’ is a harsh and minimal listen.

For me the song is linked to a sadness of witnessing close loved ones grow old and the fear or uncertainty associated with that witnessing. To emphasize that heavy feeling I’ve kept the pace slow and each new ‘pattern’ (4 bars or so) I’ve activated a small speed change. Each one of these changes sees the bpm lowered by one. This usually isn’t immediately noticeable, but over time the track sinks into a plod lacking the energy to deal with the issue it sets out to address. It grows old.

i find subtle tempo changes like this fascinating. i’ve always wanted to write a song that slowly loses speed, but in an attempt to see if i’m able to do it without people noticing

this is quite a melancholy progression, subtle and deep. i’m really turning into a fan of yours

Hehe, thankz Io :) She’s a little too repetitive-minimal for my current standards, but the vibe is still very rich.

Ah, you’d be becoming a fan only because I’m sharing the good stuff ;)

repetitive-minimal ? hell yeah !!

i like you being boring (kidding) mnml yet intense, i liked that bass sound a lot… overall mood feels pretty damn good. plus i noticed you did a more loud mix than your usual, turned out nice and i dint have to adjust the playback volume anymore :D so that nice. perhaps it could use some very subtle drum fx-ing ?

time marches on (sings)

Nah no drum fx, keeping it to the original.

She’s not much louder than Red Sands in terms of RMS - but it IS a better mix from my point of view. Side chaining the kick and bass is almost becoming ‘standard’ for me recently. There’s a lot of sub roll off as well.

Boring-sad has it’s place…

Bed is made for made for master leenak :o

btw, that’s the Manning River, near where I grew up, on the east coast of NSW.