Gtd/Getting Things Done With Renoise

Has anyone tried using Renoise as a tool for implementing David Allen’s patented Getting Things Done® workflow management system? GTD fans note that you can use almost any software to “Get things done”.

Just curious :P

Well, I mainly use this one “rule” which is vital to GTD: Write shit down to get it out of your head (but I do this with almost everything in my life). I always have pen and paper on my desk and whenever I stumble across something that catches my attention but that I can’t or don’t want to do right this instant I write it down. This clears the head from all those tiny bits like “change the basedrum, eq the bass, look for a better percussion-loop, there is something wrong with the compressor on channel 3, look for that classic record with that vocal sample that might fit here” and so on. This also avoids those moments when you are just fumbling with some controls while not having a real clue “what to do next”, I always have some stuff that I can do in those moments and chances are I will have a new inspiration when I am finished with doing that particular chore.

Apart from that I doubt GTD is actually applicable to making a piece of music, you don’t really have “needs a reply, do later”-boxes for example. GTD is more about projects involving work, not a creative process.

Though I also must admit that it has been some time since I actually read GTD and I did not follow it trough like the cult that the book demands it to be (silly americans and their self-help-books, always trying to create a new religion), I merely picked up some very good points and advice and that was it. But it was good advice and really helped me to overcome some of the problems I am facing being a “Look! A Squirrel!”-Person.

Though I realize it might help with some organizing aswell, f.e. I have this “interesting” folder on my HDD where I put every sample which I stumble across and like while browsing my gigantonormous sample-collection (not bragging here, merely complaining about myself). Sounds pretty obvious but it took me some time to get over the old “oh interesting, I will keep it in mind”-approach which never worked.

No no… I meant using Renoise as your GTD inbox! :P




  • TO DO W/ Renoise 2.6 scripting feature: implement a GTD system inside Renoise.