Guess Who's Married Now

Guess who’s married? Your favourite breakcore-hater and gaytrance-maker mr Marc Shake decided to end his wild live of nowwhere. I am MARRIED now :)

Congratulations and welcome to the club. ;)

Well, my condolences buddy…
Your life has now officially been terminated ;)

congratulations marc

the best wishes for you and your miss`es :ph34r:

Now sell your renoise your best unmarried friend. Things are now mostly cutted by your wife.
I tell you. I have had the same and i going through the hell. Yes. You will say. This will not. Yes. And i tell you 95% of my friends and family are after married get boring coach-potatos with no life.

Heiraten ist eine Verfügbarkeitsvereinbarung. Frauen haben den Drang, ihre Männer zu kastrieren, sobald sie sich sicher fühlen. Meist lassen sie sich ab diesem Zeitpunkt auch gern gehen.


Congratulations to the both of you :)

congratulations! :D

Congratulations! Guess you’re gonna have to change your ‘location’ in your profile now ;)

Im truly sorry. Run, run run!

Six years veteran


And don’t panic by harsh comments, my marriage is now 1 year old and renoise is still running… :D

Great news! Congrats :yeah: :D


make with the wedding pics!


Don’t listen to the people who have made “not so perfect” choices. ;)
If you feel like your life ends or gets limited by marriage, it’s not for you or you just married wrong person. ;)
It’s totally up to you and your partner how wild your life will be from now on. Communication is THE key.
Marriage is not like you got to the safe zone, you still need to work on your relationship, maybe even more now.

Keys to happy marriage are simple and obvious and that’s why they can be unnoticed easily. Read, or see videos of guides for relationships. I can tell that it helps a lot.
Be true to each other no matter what it is, you are a couple now and everything concerns both of you as much. Don’t hold back kind words, and never stop using them.
Be the best partner you can be and you’ll get the best partner. I hope all the best for you!

Ps. Hopefully i wasn’t too pushyor anything? I tried not to make it too long and serious, honestly. :D

Key to a good relationship: Communication about EVERYTHING. ESPECIALLY the shit you don’t want to talk about. If you don’t want to talk about it, chances are it’s very important.

Thank you :) I am a respectable husband now :)

Well, I hope not. Although this might sound gay, “pseudohappy” or even weird, my wife lets me keep doing whatever I want. Okay, there are some minor things I have to let go but she’s quite understanding my love for music.

Thanks :) How’s your kid doing? I “married” my wife’s son, too. He’s 5 and calls me “Dad” :D - So I am a father, now ;)

ROFL - Now that was good. And yes, I say “my wife doesn’t cut my freetime” and I say it with proud. She doesn’t like my DJ-stuff but she supports me.

With a lot of fantasy, you might be right. But my wife is - of course -more beautiful ;)

Thanks :)

Nope. My wife is responsible for planning a huge open air-event once a year. Okay, there are a lot of drunk people and I hate the music but there are around 2000 people each year and so, it’s okay for me :)

Ain’t the seventh year the hardest to survive? Thank you ;)

On the other hand I did not hear too much new music from you, recently ;) - Thank you, pal.

Hartelijk dank

Thankies :)

You’ve got a lot of time, don’t you ? Thank you MickNippon ;) ;) ;)

My grampy told me: Whatever you do, young padavan, don’t you ever go to bed when the issue you might have is not solved. At least, take her hand and say sorry. Never be angry to each other before you sleep.


Full ack. My wife and I talk a LOT. Or we play mafia-wars at facebook and talk then. Oh, and never ever try to play “Uno” against me. My wife is usually there, too and helps me to win.


My deepest sympathy.


i think you are in the moment immune. Wait several years and than you can look back. I was long time married and have had several long relationships.

Your woman will convert you to an henpecked husband with small amount of “craziness”.

For a woman is a man in front of a pc ever annoying, because the woman is then deeply bored, and your attention is not 100% by her.

Enjoy your marriage, as long as it is fun. ;)

Perhaps spending time with a lovely wife is more enjoying than making music… ;)

side-chaining may reverse the situation though :P