GUI colors


First off I love this program to death, have a great time testing it.

I made a color scheme that is light to keep the brain in an active state. For me it was a lot better to learn the program quickly.

Which leads me to some things that only work for dark skins, and maybe worth separating out.

-The VU meter background is the same as the main background. It makes the normal red green work very poorly on lighter skins.

-The selection back color also sets the side bar number boxes, in the tracking/song view. Which is so so, “could be better”, but it also sets the lines that contain a selected track. As a result the contrast washes out, which is a bad thing. Also I believe the text color for a selected track is set by this color.

  • The selection back standby, “which is not such a problem tho” is also the color in pattern view.


If you double click the boxes on the side of the pattern view. It can take you to the clicked pattern, and maybe restart/re null the pattern.

At least, I’m expecting it to happen sometimes.