Gui Cosmetics: New Track Names Theme Colors

Track names, when the area isn’t in focus, has changed what it is in the Themes.

It used to follow ValueBox_Font and is now set by StandBy_Selection_Back.

I can understand it changing depending on if it has Focus in the area or not but the value that sets it now is a background colour, not a font colour. StandBy_Selection_Font would maybe be more suitable? The colour I have for StandBy_Selection_Back makes it almost impossible to read it against the background of the tracks (I want the standby selection to be visible but quite subtle rather than bright and garish, which would be needed to keep the texts visible.)

Was it a purposeful choice to use a Background colour for this text, rather than a Font colour?

You mean the colour for the selected track in an unfocused view, right?

Hmm yes, this might seem a bit odd, but due to the way the Selection_Back colours are used, they should always be visible against the theme’s background colour. The Selection_Font values will often have similar values to the background so would be completely invisible in many themes.

Not true.

Load Milspec and tell me you can read the text of the selected track when it’s in the background. Mudsckipper is hard to see too. And Noir. And Pro Master 9000. In other words quite a few suffer from it plus the fact you are having a Background colour set a Font colour, which just seems strange.

Although in quite a few themes the colour for the selected track and other tracks will be similar and thus it may not be quite as obvious which is selected.