Gui Preference Settings

There are two settings in the GUI section of the Preferences that don’t seem like they behave uniformly across the different parts of Renoise.

Firstly is the Instant Drag & Drop setting. Obviously works like normal across all Renoise when it’s on.

When off you have to hold a little while to drag a selection in the Pattern Editor, as you would expect. Make a selection in either the Pattern Matrix or the Sequence Editor and you are back to instant dragging, the same as the other settings. Can we have the select and grab for these two panes also behave the same as the main Pattern Editor? Or is there some reason you have chosen not to?

Secondly is the Single Click Navigation. From the name I would of thought a single click would behave like a double click does normally, taking you to the position you click on.It doesn’t, it only takes you to the track you click on, leaving you on the same line/in the same pattern. Although after thinking I decided I want to keep this off anyway to make Copy & Pasting from other tracks easier (not actually moving cursor position when selecting sections of tracks) so doesn’t directly affect me.
OK just read the Tutorial entry on this and that states it should only move you when Record is enabled. This isn’t correct. Enabled it moves you where you click, not enabled it moves you to the pattern you click on but not position (may actually be desirable.) In Matrix it never moves you straight to the pattern and track you click on and it feels like it should, at least when Record is enabled, to match up with behaviour elsewhere.

I think the matrix needs a separate single click option for this. In some cases you want this, but in most cases you don’t (if you have single track view turned on for instance and don’t want the current selected track to switch if you are clicking aroung in the matrix to mute or select blocks)

Maybe. To be honest it’s the drag and drop that affects me personally, was just having a play with other settings and seeing how they felt under my fingers and thought it didn’t seem consistent so may be worth mentioning.

kazakore’s right, this should affect the Pattern Matrix as well, not just the Pattern Editor. Please fix this. :)