[GUI PROBLEM] R3.3.2. Mouse pointer cursors are not well finished!

R3.3.2 W10/W11
In general, the entire folder of mouse pointer cursors needs an update. The problem is that some cursors are pixelated, due to their inappropriate size (width x height).

I guess this was not finished due to lack of time?

How to see it?

Go to the usual Renoise installation folder.
C:\Program Files\Renoise 3.3.2\Resources\Skin\Cursors

Examine all the cursors to check their format and size.

For example, if you take the cursor Default.cur (31 KB, static cursor, multiple formats) as a reference, you will see that it is different from the rest, with much higher resolution.

For example, take the cursor “ValueChooser.cur” (1 KB, static cursor, 32x32 pixels) and you will see that it has a much lower resolution than Default.cur.

Here is a capture (with RealWorld Cursor Editor program):


You can check all the icons …

This causes a poor experience when using Renoise (it looks like a “beta”), even more so if you use a scaling greater than 100% in the GUI.


Replace all icons with small resolution (all of 1KB) to match with Default.cur reference icon (of 32 KB), in “multiple formats”.

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I always delete some of the default cursors in order to get rid of them. Would be nice to have nice ones instead.
In Windows I had a nice cursor designer. Couldn’t find one for MacOS yet.

It would be nice to obtain or create a whole folder of new high resolution cursors and replace it with the original manually, after the complete installation of Renoise.

I have my doubts that this matter will be resolved, since it seems “something secondary”.

Some users create new textures and change the look of Renoise. With the cursors it is possible to do the same. You just have to create the same correctly constructed cursors and respect the names and format.

However, I find it absurd that the user must do these things to get a good look the pointer of the mouse.

Renoise has specific .cur / .gif pointers. I think they should be created on purpose.

I had problems scaling the high resolution cursors on all supported Windows versions on HiDPI vs non HiDPI screens. So I kept the old ones, cause they always worked without problems at all resolutions. Will have a look at this again…