gui slowdown benchmark song

Win7 x64 i7 2.3Ghz GTX760M 8GB Ram - lenovo Y580

this song in r3b6 has slow fps (for my eye about 15fps) in r282 is smooth (more than 30fps)

just posted it since it maybe a good benchmark

I’ve no problem with this song. How do you measure fps in renoise? 5% max cpu for me on asio with i7 3770k on win7 64bit. Latest beta.
Cant see any stutter only some in the pattern view, but i think its normal because it’s not doing a smooth jump to the next line.

sorry I was writing in a hurry

the fps I measured by eye and its about scopes view fps

but nevermind i restarted renoise and everything seams fine ( i was running many song in that instance) and its hard to reproduce

could someone delate this topic?

No problem :) Maybe some application in the background used much cpu.
Btw. a benchmnark song, which brings renoise to do hard work would be great. Just to compare our systems, windows vs linux vs mac.

Try this one then:

Nice one, ~20% cpu usage. Btw. is funny to see that sample offset is used to get every note hit sounds different. Too bad this is not possible in the fx chain or modulation part of intruments.

You can’t perhaps control the fx chain, but it works for the modulation envelopes. (if you are not using the sustain)

I mean the 0Sxx values on the right. Which change the sample start position of the current note hit. And when i’m not wrong you currently cant do this with instrument modulation only (so 0Sxx wouldn’t be needed).

You can use the 0Exx command to affect modulation envelope offset. You can’t use it for anything else because anything else does not really have a relative offset.
If you want modulation not to be interrupted, you should resort to note ghosting (removing the instrument number behind the subsequent notes in the same note-column to prevent envelopes and modulation from being restarted)