[Gui] Where Is The Capure Instrument/octave/editstep/auto Solo Panel?

Hi guys,
I am trying to find the capure instrument/octave/editstep/auto solo panel in the renoise 2.7.2 GUI. Do you know how to display it?

Now my interface looks like this:

thanks for the help,

Try the “Options” title-menu.

Uhm, I don’t see any menu item to display that section… and not even a setting in the menu to set the editstep parameter. Can you please be more specific?

thanks, -stab

There is no option to change the view or to show/hide certain parts of it. This is just the way it is now. These features still exist, but we have moved them into the Options menu instead, in order to save some extra space in the GUI and clean things up a bit.

2542 autocapture.png

The octave setting is pretty much where it’s always been.

The edit step settings have been moved into the Pattern Editor’s control panel:

If you do not see the control panel in your pattern editor, please bring up the context menu for the pattern editor itself and enable ‘Show Control Panel’.

Thanks, solved! :)