Guide To Connecting Buze To Renoise

Hi everybody, just wanted to post this small tutorial how to enjoy buze with renoise.

My reason for this: Im in love with linux and buze (running with wine).
Buze is a mass-plugin modular synth/tracker, and in there I use midiplugins, ladspa, windows vst, lunar, controllers, python scripts…its crazy!
However, now Im using linux renoise as well, its also a great program, so why not bridge the gap between them?


  1. start buze (or get it @
  2. add a machine (eg. FSM Infector) and connect it to the master
  3. click on the machine which you want to receive midi-focus


  1. start renoise
  2. enter notes in a track
  3. click instruments settings -> Device -> (select your midi output)*

optional: sync them

  1. in buze: tick the sync-icon (its the stopping-light icon on the top-right)
  2. in renoise: goto edit -> preferences -> midi -> midi clock master -> (select the midi output)*
    (now if you press play in renoise…buze will also play!)
  • = this midi output should be enabled as midi-input at buze: view -> preferences -> MIDI

Thats it!
Now you can use all machines in buze, and go crazy with the modular madness of buze.

For linux users: Personally I use it now as a windows multi-plugin-instrument (thru wine) in conjunction with
linux renoise (much more easier to setup then this dssi-vst/etc/etc/etc/-workaround for win32-plugins…just install wine+buze thats it!).

Hey man, it is great tip but how i can assign one renoise instrument to one buze instrument. I dont wanna render every part that i create (in renoise).
But still, it is great and nice fast way how to use a lot of vsti. But an advantage of dssi-vst is that every instrument has its own midi input.

It would be nice if you give some other tips about that connection. It worked for me an hour and now i can not hear anything, dont know, where is problem :I
Do you use jack?