Guide To Connecting Reason To Renoise

Hi all! After searchin some usefull topics allover the world’s computer music related forums, i found an easy solution to control new powerfull Reason 4.x synthesizers from inside the best tracker in the world - Renoise. Here’s complete and easy guide, tested by me and completely working:

You need this Virtual MIDI Tools to be able to do all this manipulations. Archive containing following tools: LoopBe1 v1.2, Maple Virtual Midi Cable v3.56, MIDI Yoke NT v1.75. You can use any of this MIDI ports all together and separately, choose one by yourself, find which driver is perfectly matched your needs. Some people said that LoopBe1 have less latency. On my Core 2 Duo E6850 i dont find any difference between drivers on ASIO with 2 ms latency. Good luck in discovering new Reason synthesizers sound!


very cool. thanks for your guide.

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Anyone know how to go about doing this on a Mac Intel?

Probably with the Inter-Application Communication (IAC) driver…ost&p=94856

Wow. That worked perfectly. Thanks :yeah:

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Freaking amazing thread. THANK you. :D

am looking forward to trying this one out.

So rewire is only controlling reason via midi? :rolleyes: lol

Rewire allows you to route up to 256 audio tracks from reason to seperate tracks in another host/daw. This, along with midi streaming and controlling, and full implemented host syncing/transport control. plus more features in rewire 2.

i may feel stupid after asking this, but i have renoise controlling reason just fine, now how do i set it up so that audio is still being handled by renoise? when i render out noreason synth sound are there of course as the renooise mixer isnt handling any of the audio…help?

You can’t render from Renoise the audio generated from both Reason and Renoise. It’s Renoise’s audio only. However, you can always open a wave editor such as Soundforge and record “everything you hear” to a wave-file.

If your soundcard supports it and if the ASIO driver allows it (if you desire to use the ASIO driver).
For what Aphid wants, ReWire is really needed, with ReWire you can render all other slave audio as well.

thx for the replies, i figured i would have to do the “record stereo mix” thing, and that will work fine, im still pretty excited that its possible at all.

about the virtual midi tools link in the first post of this thread:

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Hi All,

Very new to this so please bear with me…

Q. How do we go about controlling Reason with Renoise now?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


OHHHHHHHH Rewire in v2.1…clever Renoise!!

And how to do it since Rewire was introduced