Guitar interface + Guitar Rig 5 free

Just thought I’d let ya’ll know there is a thing on Native Instruments site right now where you can get a Komplete Audio interface and it comes with Guitar Rig Pro 5 for free. I just bought it for Guitar Rig

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Good to know thanks but any one tested these interfaces with linux?

I haven’t received it yet so I can’t test it right now, I will try it when I can.

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Ok try when you can and report.Thanks

Looks like it no speaka the Linux:


It appears you are correct

as for it should work ok,
i googled and some ppl had some issues with jackd but it looked more like trouble with starting jackd at all.

As for guitar rig im 100% sure it is working fine with wine


Good to hear, sounds more promising. The main point for me was getting Guitar Rig 5 Pro for $110, and I get a cool audio interface with it :smiley: and a $25 voucher for the NI store, so I’ll probably grab Reaktor with that once I get it.

GR5 is usually like $200 by itself

I haven’t tried Linux, but I do have to say the interface works great! I’ve used it within Renoise through Guitar Rig and there’s no notable latency. I’ve got a Behringer guitar interface that is nearly identical but feels a lot cheaper and the latency was always unbearable. I’m happy that I picked it up