Guitar Rig 3 Parameter Display Problem

when you load guitar rig 3 and press on the arrow that opens the sliders with parameters you can midi-map.
drag a slider and the value indicator will stay as it is.

Hi Dr. Drips,

Is this a problem or just an observation? The VST is free to neglect parameter changes from the host. Probably those parameters are only updated when they are mapped or only when the GUI is open…

maybe I wasn’t clear enough: if you load Guitar rig 3, you get the panel into the Track DSPs tab, If you press the arrow you will get all the sliders that represent the parameters that can be changed.
if you move the slidere (in the windows panel) the value (on the right) won’t be updated.

I see. This happens with some other VSTs as well. Guitar rig unfortunately doesn’t support showing these values. This is a bug or missing feature in the VST, not a problem in Renoise.