Guitar Rig 5 VST makes scrolling lag

I noticed that whenever i use the Guitar Rig 5 VST i experience that when i scroll down the pattern with the mouse wheel on the track it becomes very laggy. This is even when Guitar Rig says it only uses 3% CPU.

I haven’t noticed this problem with any other plugin, so i assume the problem is with the plugin itself, but i thought i’d mention it just in case.

Has anyone else noticed this issue?

I frequently use guitar rig 5 and never noticed this behavior… Is it occuring on a PC ? Mac ?

It’s on windows 10

I read what i wrote just now and realised it could easily be misunderstood. What i meant was the scrolling itself are lagging not the VST or any sound it produces.

Hmmm have you disabled fancy desktop effects rendering ? I outruled them at install and never tried with them, so maybe that could be related?

My desktop 6 core i7 32GB RAM system with a GTX 1050TI should be more than powerful enough, so that shouldn’t be an issue. I only experience this when using said plugin, never noticed any problem like this with any other plugins or in Renoise even at higher loads.

It is the case even if i turn off the VST the laggy scroll persists. If i move the cursor to any other track or the group containing said track, then there is no lag at all. It doesn’t matter if the VST GUI is open or not.

Here I have an older i7, a shitty intel card and only 8gig ram, but no problem with guitar rig, Desktop effects are known to induce a lot of latency in graphic rendering. I have no other idea.