Guitar Rig :)

Guitar Rig is actually amazing!

I have been out of the house for a few days and finally came back tonight to test out my guitar etc.


Guitar Rig is quality!

The combinations seem endless!

Any recommendations for good sound? What combos are you using etc…

Any tips would be appreciated!

Loving it!

Yeah, NIs rig is kewl. But it eats MUCH cpu powers. Can anyone recommend something else? May be IKs amps is less hungry for cpu?

Yeah it is pretty CPU heavy. I am just using it standalone to learn first though, so I am not worried.

When I start to record it will be a hassle I imagine.

I want to try Amplitube too. Is it modelled in the same way as Guitar Rig ( I mean is it based on real amps etc?)

I dunno bout IKs amps at all. So dats why im askin too ) I tried to use 4 instances of guitar rig [high res mode was off] when i was into album mixing of russian digitalgrindcore bandMarrow Explosion` [they use renoise too btw] and my daw was f***ed.

Can someone give a link to IK Amplitube Light version?

Freeamp in all of its versions (1, SE and 2) is really cool.

Thank mr. Looza! I`ll try it. :guitar:

Have to second that, Looza. It was quite good. Not like turning buttons or actually feeling an amp play (or lifting it), but I was surprised by the quality.

It’s freeware btw and the only downside is that it is always very “harsh” and “rough” (especially freeamp 1 is called “the deathmetal-machine” here), I couldn’t get smooth or soft sounds out of it. using it on drumloops is often just too much.

Btw, this is a bassguitar plugged directly into the soundcard (no mixer, amp or anything else) and clicking trough the presets (the first few seconds is the unaltered bassguitar) with freeamp 1 :


please don’t mind the crappy playing, we did only fool around (this is about 1,5 years old).

Edit:Oh, I just saw that freeamp 1 is not avaiable anymore. Doesn’t matter though, it was only an earlier version of 1.5/SE

Well, compared to Voxengoboogex, playing freeamp was like swimming in milk and honey.

It’s been a long time since I used to play a lot, but I’m slowly putting riffs together.

You simply need a valve-pre emulator for both clean and distorted. I’ve tried all the above mentioned and I’m happiest with the performance of Amplitube. Only think better than that is getting a real valve rig and miking it with a U87i or something like that (again with valve pres). Ignore this and you’ll find the sound to be thin and cold, breaking apart digitally on the transients.

Too much distortion ruins tone, and it’s a real insensitive trapping. But plenty of artists still do it. If that’s you’re thing then go for a DI, Dist2 and a few filters. But if you want soulful warm analogue guitar in there, start thinking about saving up for a pro signal chain.

Yeah, I have noticed that. Distortion pretty much means I can hit any note and it sounds sort of ok.

Me thinks that this may be a trick used by less than perfect guitarists.

I definitely like the more subtle tones, so I think I will be getting a boss pedal soon and sticking that between my guitar and sound card…

i tend to get awesome distortion sounds on my podxt and record them into renoise, as amp simulators ive tried out, i can never quite get the tones im going for, they just always sound like somethings missing!

Yeah I had a listen to a Boss Distortion pedal today and it f****ing ruled!

Definitely getting one of those!