Gustav Mahler Remix Competition

What the title says:

It ends on september 30. The samples can be found here.

goddamnit! just when i was competition-free! need to check it out…

(thank you for posting nism!)

just listened to the stems. 2nd stem has all sorts of ticks and stuff behind the music, which sound like people moving instruments or touching standards or whatever. a bit later you hear a man cough. is it just me or are these not quality recordings?

Yeah, the coughing is a annoying, but I have a few classical recordings that suffer from it, so it’s not uncommon. I guess it’s the price you pay for recording a performance with an audience, though this could also be a rehearsal. Unfortunately it’s in a section that plays an important part in my remix. I’ve decided to just ignore it and leave it in.

Here’s my effort:

(It’s also in my current sig.)

Did anyone else have a go at this?

yes, wrote about a minute but the last few days did work get inte the way (started this past sunday) so i was too exhausted and had too little time after the workdays to cobble together something worth submitting.

had a lot of fun anyways but yeah, a bit shit that i couldn’t finish :(

nice submission btw!

thanks! :)