Gwylim in the next Tolkien movie

Hey Gwylim, now that you changed your picture I really think you’re somehow “Elven”
You look slightly… :huh: too young to be an immortal… but definitely, with a pair of pointy ears, you could well do one of the high people in the next “The Lord of The Ring” chapter

Shut up, It-Alien… no, you can’t do the ogre…
:lol: :lol: :lol: :P

:blink: :unsure:


at least I could give the ogre my voice…

my burps, actually :D

i’m probably closer to a dwarf right now cuz i havent shaved since friday :P

…and here’s something for your ego parsec - the reason i didn’t today was because i was caught up in tracking my entry for YOUR compo. :D

i actually spent ALL DAY tracking. like, 12 hours or something. a few short breaks to (a) shower, (b ) watch seinfeld, © eat dinner and (d) watch the osbournes, but other than that it was CONSTANT tracking of the same song. without getting bored.

this is crazy for me! back in the day i used to make tracks from start to finish in 3-4 hours… :blink: :blink: