Gypsymidi Controller


i love dancing and i would love to have something like this for live performances. especially since i am in the process of building a dance pad that will be wired up to a sampler, where i step on panels on the pad and it triggers drum hits, if i could do the beat with my feet, and play the music with my arms at the same time… that would be a pretty cool performance.

too bad i don’t have $2200 :(

Hehe, that’s pretty cool. But it looks hard to get the timing right.

Yep…I´d like that to be implemented in my body…musst be a smart session on stage and it could perhaps cover my fat belly ;)

If they want to sell any of these things, they really need to invest in producing some better demo videos for the website. The rig looks really interesting but I was not excited at all by anything that geezer was “showing off”.

i couldn’t get the demo video to play, so all i have seen is the pictures.

still. it looks awesome.

in response to "But it looks hard to get the timing right. " … it’s hard to get the timing right on a guitar, piano, clarinet, anything. it just requires practice to become proficient. i think that given a comparable amount of practice with gypsymidi, you could become very proficient at playing it too