H_0. - Harmonium.

Hey everyone!
I’m new at the forum, but not that new at tracking with renoise, have been working
with that beast for about 2 years now, and I luv it!
just wanted to show you some of my work, it’s 8bit/dnb style music. ; )

The material is from a sid-sample pack I’ve found some time ago and the chip32 and ymVST vsts.
I think that producing this kind of music gives me more freedom in arrangement,
because focusing on the sound is secondary - it’s really a bit lofi.

For me, it was a whole new experience in writing, really focusing on the melody, and the harmonics;
it’s pretty minimalistic in the art of soundshaping.
(no eq/comp is used; some delay and reverb in the intro, but that’s it)

I also think that this way of producing, which is more or less based on simple waveforms,
is less susceptible for clipping; there probably is clipping / distortion, but I think,
it doesn’t really disturb or matter.


now listen and enjoy! ; )
comments are appreciated!

fun track! (=

the slowdown @ 1.07 was sweet!

Knowing chiptune and dnb are kinda hard to mix together, I must say this is pretty good. Sound are clear and punchy while still having enough oomph to pass as legit song :) well done