H_kt [Melodic / Glitch]

Bit of a work in progress, randomly put this together before bed in about 3-4 hours. Needs more variation rhythmically, melodically, and tonally, and a possible B-section with altered fx processing.

Been out of the music production world for a couple months but got back in it the last month or so, and I’ve been really trying to focus on my mixing over the past two weeks to get good clean mixes down, while also trying to practice composing melodies cause I’m brutal at actually making and mixing together melodic content. This track was intended to be something like a Mr. Bill type track with loads of cut up drums and dubstepy type glitch stuff going on, and just loads of aesthetic variation (I just for the life of me cannot seem to produce content like that) but in the end it couldn’t have ended up further from it.


Yeah this is a decent foundation for a song.