[H445] MC505 - KitMenus Samplepack w/ Competition

Gear: MC-505
Kit: All Kit Menu Samples
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett 18i8

All MC-505 Kit Menu Samples.

I have posted this public now, as well as a competition to my label site. Please spread this around, I think it will be very fun. Demo track included as .xrns.


– Top 3 tracks will be included in free release with future downloads of the samplepack. This will include the project file.
– Artists choice of free release with CVR
– Possible opportunity for premium release with CVR


– You can only use the samples provided in the Samplepack.
– You are not limited to how much you cut them up, but you can not add fx in the process in any way. (All sounds used have to be unaltered from the original sample file, only sliced up however you want)
– You can use any internal DSP/FX in your DAW. (Envelope shaping will probably be useful)
– You can NOT use any VST/VSTi/AU etc.
– Keep your project file around just in case.

How to Submit?

  1. You will need to create an account with us. This is to limit spam and make sure we can get in touch with you for purposes of this competition.
  2. Upload your track (MP3) somewhere we can download it from
  3. Hit the Contact Us form, make sure the subject is relevant to this submission (ie. “Competition entry”)
  4. Make sure to include the link to the mp3 in the message.


Judging will be done by select artists already working with CVR.

Competition: COMPETITION ENDED - Feel free to submit any projects that follow these guidelines to us anyways! always worth a listen.

Winner: https://www.crystalvortex.ca/h445-mc505-kit-menus-competition-winner/

Samplepack: https://www.crystalvortex.ca/samplepacks/h445-mc505-kit-menus/

Demo Track: https://soundcloud.com/h445/mc505-kitmenus


how sound can be unaltered, thus i’m allowed to use internal dsp/fx?

DSP/FX post slicing etc… (Edited the competition page)… thnx for pointing that out.

  • mainly just meaning you can’t resample with extra fx… but nothing against adding fx over top.

Edit: - Cut/slice/dice, go nuts on the waveforms, effects are post waveform edit… Its a percussion pack, so the creativity will come in hearing what people do for the melodies etc.

Excuse my lack of understanding, what should be pre-waveform then?

well to get anything off from simple waveform, you don’t need resampling, and the one thing you are saying is NOT allowed, could be done by layering same stuff over and over with different envelopes, maybe slightly edit timing

so if i stack 3 flangers, delays, and some creative fx on top of sample, is that allowed? and how that is different from resampling the same?

how can we make melodies (merely) different from provided samples, if samples cannot be altered?

Yes this is allowed - The difference is by resampling you are changing the actual waveform. Any combination of FX on top of the basic waveform is allowed.

Check out the demo track to see how this can be done. You can snip out and loop any part of any sample, just no resampling. Think single-cycle etc. This is where the creativity will shine =)

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Okay, that look fun :slightly_smiling_face:, I think I’ll make a try!
Certainly dry sounds would be nice to. Also good for music pratice.

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question is this a renoise only compo ?

This is not a Renoise only competition. Any DAW is perfectly fine (even hardware samplers like Octatrack etc). But the same rules still apply.

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making single cycle loop out of it will for sure alter sample since it will be new instrument/synth. And resampling is just printing current effects, which i can stack without resample and achieve same effect as with resampling? please explain. Thanks

I think I will be joining in on this little compo! :slight_smile:


I am in!!Already have something layed down.


No need to overthink things, its pretty simple. You can cut up the samples any way you want, you can add loop points etc, you just can not resample them. Main reason being, if you keep resampling you can get drastically different sounds from the original, plus I have no way to know if it was put through external VST to be resampled. The limitation is to see what you can do with the clean samples, this might spawn some cool creative ideas.

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So I just sent my entry in. It’s a great pack of beats! :slight_smile:

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Nice entry! Just archiving all the submissions until due date, Sept 1st they go to the judges.

Take your time, hurry up. The choice is yours, just don’t be late =)

Err okay…a quick possible example of what U4iC is looking for with Renoise and this sample pack. Best of luck to the people who enter :slight_smile:

mc505example.xrns (68.3 KB)


Awesome example, thank you for sharing!.. Can’t wait to hear an entry =)

Lots of time to go still, but great feedback and tracks so far.

I’ve hesitated to make some chiptunes cut too. But I wondered if it goes too far because sounds would definitely not be recognized that way. Otherwise I like!

Doesn’t really need to be recognizable, actually I am encouraging cutting things up / putting through an envelope to create new sounds. Just not by using vst effects, or resampling =).

Ok then, hehe let’s go! ^^

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I’ve just send my entry under Make a Wish nickname! :slight_smile:
That was fun, but not that’s easy for me!

To listen it that’s here: Colorful Steps [Crystalvortex competition entry]

Started quite dry, but add some native effects by the end…
Renoise file can be download on Google Drive here.