Had Anyone Crashes With Beta2 ?

In not sure. Thats why Ive asked :)

This is already fixed for beta3.


Zero problems with 1.5b2(Mac version). Some features are missing compared to win verison but i bet that’ll be fixed soon(at least i hope so).

Everybody’s talking about b3, where can we get hold of this?
(It’s not on the user pages).

Thanks for the feedback.

So, most of you think that its stable, right? Nevertheless there are problems and crashes when using a lot of VST(i)s at once, but these problems are very rare and never reproduceable, right ?

Of course this might be problems/bugs of the VSTs, where we can mostly do nothing to prevent this, but on the other hand maybe all of you just use a lot of VSTs everytime you work with Renoise, so it could in theory also a problem in Renoise, which would even happen if you have used no VST`s.

All we can do is hoping that someone of you gets these problems reproduced. Thats the only way that we can see what exactly the problem is. Also make sure that you send the crashlog.txt to bug @ renoise dot com! It might help us to add security hacks or whatever into the code, that prevents such problems in future. Even if its not a direct problem in Renoise.

Also letting the others know that you regulary have problems with this and that plug, will help to sort out plugs that should not be used. We could even blacklist some of the worst plugs then, to help those who dont read this forum regulary.

i’d say go OFFICIAL !!

i mean you can still fix bugs afterwards, cant ya?! :)
all the ‘big’ companies are doing it…

lets now focus on new things and make Renoise the sexiest tracker with the most astounding features !!
(do i hear pianoroll, sequencer, groove settings…??) !!.. :)


Thanx all ‘Renoise devs’ and ‘our happy’ community !..

I think its very stable. It almost never crash. When it does its most certainly because of heavy use of vst plugins. And thats not Renoise fault. Cubase crash, Nuendo, Sonar, FL… you name it. They all crash because of plugins.
Using lots of vst’s will always be a gamble.

had a bug with beta2 and vanguard, used 1 vanguard vsti and 2 shadows of it, tried to save the song and cpu went to 99%, finally it flipped out my computer and me with it.

posted my frustration in off-topic as my well known skills for lacking the ability to use search button failsafed again: http://www.renoise.com/board/index.php?act…e8b0e68e7d725d6

I have some serious CPU-Performance problems using beta2 as well as beta3. I am using Renoise on Windows XP, PIII 700 Mhz. With Renoise 1.281 I haven’t them:

I am using Midi-instruments only, no VST or Audio, so the cpu shouldn’t worry at all, but:

When I am in the “Disk Browser” the cpu-performance is about 30% in my Task-Manager. When switching to “Track Scopes” its boosting to 100%! When I am now playing the song, some sounds won’t be played or delayed.
Strange: When minimizing the renoise-window (so that I see the windows-desktop), the performance minimizes suddenly to 10-20%, even when playing the song.
Any ideas why?


in Config=>GUI, try lowering the framerate (left side of the pan).

I use to have disk browser showed whenever is possible because it saves CPU cycles

Thanks, I have lowered it to 15, now the cpu is at 50-60% when showing the “Track scopes”, but when playing the song, the cpu again boosts to 100%.