Had Anyone Crashes With Beta2 ?

Hi all,

As the bugreport forum gets filled with less and less reports, where most of them are small things or improvements: How stable is the current release really ? Do you had any crashes with it or other major problems ?
I`m asking because I would like to know how far we are from the final release, and fear a little bit that people maybe just “fear” to report bugs, because of whatever …

We are currently concentrating our work on the Mac port. As soon as the major things are fixed there, the last beta will be released if most of you agree. We somehow have to make a point.

Also remember that its not the usual way, that a software gets tested that “public”. Take a look at other music application forums for example. These forums are full of bug reports, where usually noone really cares. As soon as people buy the software, nothing gets fixed. Thats how it usually works. For example Microsoft fixes only bugs, if they would cost them more than fixing them. Even if its a crashbug or any other major problem.
I dont want to say how kind we are, or should do it the same way now, but would like to ask you to help us finishing this release: If you report a bug, concentrate on the major ones!! Those who are really important and not those where you think: “Hey, I found something. Maybe this is a bug? A well, lets see…”. There will be always something with this and that plugin, using this audiocard at that latency at that bpm. Its absolutly impossible to get this software 100 percent bugfree, but what we can do is getting it 99.9 percent bugfree, where all crashes and other major problems which can ruin your work are includeed in the 99.9 percent!

And again: Dont get me wrong. I dont want that everyone simply stops to report bugs. I just would like to get all the minor stuff sorted out. Let us know what is really important to fix, so that we can concentrate on these issues, instead of fixing hundrets of pixel bugs.

I agree with you Eduard. And no, beta 2 haven’t crashed my pc so far. Let’s fix the major pc/mac bugs and release 1.5 final. Ìf some vst/??? bugs are still present, fix them for the 1.6 release.


eduard: the vanguard gui bug I mailed yesterday should be on the todo list for 1.6 ;)

Sorry to dissappoint you…

But i had crashes… with beta 3…
I was fiddling around with kompakt sampler and switched to Sfz vsti.
It may be that message handling of initialisation between two or more Vsti’s are causing a problem.

This also only happens when the instrument settings panel is open and vsti instrument properties are being requested from the VSTI.
There is likely this call that is being done to the VSTI dll, to get the channel data, bank and program data and somewhere in that routine, there is a tricky subroutine or function that causes troubles sometimes.
I think it does not like to share message handling simultaneous with the core message handler inside Renoise in critical occasions.

edit: deleted log content

Its not about disapointness. Report if you have crashes! The whole point of all this testing is that we can fix such things if possible, and not to make renoise the most prettiest program on earth.

Also, please dont paste the crashlogs in this thread. Make a new topic in the bugreport forum please. If its repeatable, let us know what you exactly have to do to make it crash please.

I was wondering the same thing :P

It’s not really reproductable on demand.
I have to use various VSTI’s and they also have to be large and memory consuming, pagefile activation and pretty much corrupted by various applications before starting Renoise to get Renoise instabile.

One time i start Renoise and i can load up a large sum of various Vsti’s and samples and nothing happens (besides the CPU choking on resource shortage, but that’s not a Renoise-problem), the next time i start it, i can happily work with it for an hour or so and then it crashes upon a moment when i need to fiddle with the instruments. It’s not even really a drastic thing i have to do, but it seems enough to make it crash.

It may not be a Renoise problem, but there is still a chance it can crash.
So the reason why i didn’t reported this is because i’m not sure it’s really Renoise it’s fault or a just some unforeseen gathering of circumstances.

So did Renoise Beta crashed lately? Yes, it did. Wether it was Renoise it’s problem… Can’t tell, can only guess.

well…what do you think of it taktik ? :)

second i’d like to say thank you (and renoise team) for your generosity in building this app so publicly.
i think it is a good and honest way of building an application.

third…i still have the fealing that 1.5 is not as ‘synced’ as 1.281 was…i cant lay a precise finger on it but it just feels that way.
with 1.281 i had better sounding timings also with 2 renoises synced, 1.281 was much snappier and on the beat.

fourth…renoise 1.5 is really stable sofar, in a sense it does not crash, overall it feels robust and stable.

so…thanx all, a good christmas !


I had only one crash with the 13dec beta3; I really abused of my PC that day, and I have loaded several times my new gigantic song (about 1.3GB of memory used in 6 instances of NIKontakt, 2 Spectrasonics Trilogy, 1 MusicLab RealGuitar, 3 NI Pro-53, 1 NI B4, 1 DASH TubiLeSax, 1 RGC Z3ta+).

The program suddenly crashed while it was in background (some other apps were running, as if it didn’t suffice :)), but I really can’t blame ReNoise about this.

For me it’s very stable.

WinXP Home with SP2, P4 3GHz with 1GB of RAM.
M-Audio Audiophile 2496

I use it everyday now and had no crashes with beta2.

for me beta2 is really stable too.

i don’t like some audio crackles on start / stop and vsti preset-changing but i can’t reproduce this crackles … if the song plays / is rendered everything is ok …

crashes only on some really fast bank loading and preset switching in absynth2 … at the moment.

beta3 ? un-un-official release? :o

B2 Is pretty stable to me 2!
And i use it with pleasure :yeah:

p.s. don’t remember is it planned or not, but i saw somewhere over forum this idea abdout button in sample editor. A button that authomaticly pastes sample cursor position to patterneditor (for 09xx FX command) Instead of doing this manually every time…

to clarify:

some of us reference to Beta3 because the ReNoise team has already received, on December the 13th, a pre-release build of Beta3. This is normal, and sometimes more than one pre-release build is being distributed internally.

B2 is really stable for me too. I had some bluescreens lately, but since I don’t use the ASIO soundcard as windows default anymore (thanks Bantai for the tip), they seem to be gone too.

I have run in to the problem with other apps as well, so for me it seems like a pure driver related problem. And I don’t have an external card either.

So sorry, I can’t be of much help in finding the problems in Renoise…

looks like the problem I had with my Terratec EWX 24/96.

I have donated it to NeuRoTiX, so I can’t do any further testing now :)

I had the first 1.5 beta 2 crash yesterday, in a song using trilogy, atmosphere, stylus, kontakt and sampletank 2 XL. It was the first time I open it in 1.5 beta 2. It starts playing, then CPU goes to 99% after few seconds and Renoise disappears suddenly… It works good in 1.281 (the version I made it with), CPU reaches 15%…

I’ll try with beta 3…

beta 3??? where???


Beta2 has been extremely stable for me so far. It has crashed maybe 2 or 3 times, but it’s never been anything I was able to easily replicate later, and it’s usually just when I’m doing something really weird. Nothing really serious like a bluescreen either.

For day-to-day running, doing “normal” stuff, Renoise is solid.

Bank switching is more or less completly handled by the VST itself, so i dont guess that we can do something here. But please try to make it reproduceable. Then we still can see if we can do something here or not.