Half Price On Energyxt

I don’t know if it is good etiquette to advertise for another music software here in the renoise forum but I’ll take the chance anyway. But till end of february they have 50% discount on their software and I must say it is a good bargain compared to other DAWs. Here is the link to get the discount: http://www.facebook.com/pages/EnergyXT-Music-production-software/151871048165509?v=app_224396475227

but also the link to their forum on kvr. http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=36
you can also try the demo here: http://www.energy-xt.com/index.php?id=0201
and someone should also mention that it has some kind of slow developement. so there is still no multicore.
otherwise, check the thread “bug report list” at kvr.

EnergyXT is shit.

I bought it, since I like to support companies making Linux software and I really hoped to find it usufel.

It is really broken piece of software, nothing more - zero intuition, slow, non intuitive, with really fucked up Jack support.

Now that we have Autoseek in Renoise, I recently went through all my “XT-bound” projects and converted, running “audiotracks” from inside renoise instead of through XT.
It felt so good to get rid of it, as it’s been a pain in the ass for me all the way. clumsy, and extremely buggy on my system.

of course, I will miss the waveform display in XT.
but I have a feeling that we some day soon might see that in Renoise anyway, at least i hope so :rolleyes:

Nothing can beat Renoise :yeah:

Bought second hand license long time ago and use it to overcome routing limitations of Renoise. I can recommend it for this, but of course I’d rather see better routing in Renoise as soon as possible :)

heh, thought that I am hard on energyxt, but it looks like there are others who don’t like some aspects of it even more than me. After some years of usage, I must say that it’s not half as bad when you get used to it. But I have bought renoise because I like trackers some time.
I have made a lots of tracks in EnergyXT, and just as writing this, am finishing album completely made with energyxt on mac, and will continue to use it on everyday basis because sometimes tracking, as fun as it is, is not good for everything. But I just can’t recommend it to anyone that is used to stability of renoise. It just isn’t finished and polished product. And I think it won’t be for quite some time.

Ok, thanks. Not something for me then. Trying out podium instead.