Halion 7 gui Automation

Edit: Solved this by adding the automation using Read and Write in Cubase and then saving the patch. I can now add the automation as usual in Renoise since it’s stored within the patch. Still it would be nice if one could do this within Renoise.

Well hello there! So Halion 7 is out, and i’m having some trouble with assigning automation. It works by the usual right clicking on a knob (add automation). But apparently there’s another way to automate things that are hidden by Halion, by adding an automation slot inside Halion. Then move something on the gui that you want to automate, which places that target inside the internal automation list. For example: you should be able to automate the individual steps in the steps envelope.

They don’t appear as destination choice using the mod matrix. So the only way is to move the steps on the gui, which then should be recorded/added inside Halions own automation list.

In Cubase you have to select “Read” and “Write” on top of the vst gui. This works perfectly. I downloaded the renoise “Gui automation recorder” tool and it works fine with other vsts. But i’m having no luck with the above^^

Do we have any Halion experts in the Renoise community? Is this possible within Renoise?