Hall Of Mirrors

My latest track, called Hall Of Mirrors. It’s dream-electro :slight_smile:

Update: final mix

For comparison, here’s the original un-mastered version


Nice track, nice sounds, interesting chord progresion. I like it. I like this style. :walkman:
The only thing I miss listening to this track is the lead melody, the tune. Interesting solos vanished everywhere ten years ago and there’s no way to find it. The theme matching the song would be good affix as it is unique nowadays.

Thanks man, I basically agree with you - this track could do with a lead, somewhere and somehow. But right now, it sits there because I’m largely satisfied with the energy in the mix.
It’s one track of out a selection that I’m preparing for an EP called “Taffey Lewis’ Imaginary Soundtrack”, so if the idea of a concept album still holds ground, they should blend together and themes from one song appear in another.

i like it because it reminds me of early 80s electro, kinda like this (one of my most favorite songs btw.):

Laffik is right tho :)

I’ve uploaded a new version which has a brighter mix - see the original post

No additional elements were added, but more attention to details, more variation in the bassline (LFO-driven oneshot oscillator movements), and a less sucky intro :slight_smile:

Third time’s a charm!!

I’ve spent a couple of evenings honing my mixing & mastering skills, and feel it was worth the effort.
The track has a massively improved feel to the bass & treble parts, as you can hear if you compare it to the first version (see original post)

I also included a new intro, and some variations during the last part. Enjoy - or not