I’m going as Ash from the Evil Dead series… almost done my chainsaw arm =D

I’m going as a homeless beggar so I won’t need any special costume

What. We’re celebrating Halloween in the Netherlands now? Those damn pagans are getting everywhere now! :)

No, I just felt like making that stupid remark.
Although kids in my neighbourhood do celebrate
Halloween, dress up, demanding candy. I wonder
if they’ll show up this year after last year’s asprin.

i’m for non-traditional costumes, such as rave-ninja

I take it Halloween is really not that popular across Europe?

It’s really popular in the UK. Kids have been banging on my door all damn night trying to scrounge candy from me. Annoying little f*ckers!

You should dress up and scare them :P

See, that’s why I hand out asprin! … Or ritalin if I can spare some.

After a few more drinks, I’ll be cranky and scary enough without a costume :D

that looks bad ass… Did you just put dirt all over your face?

No… that’s razor stubble :P … I did, however, use some detail enhancement filters ;)

in Czech Republic there s an awsome tradition :) but in spring

you go to knock at doors and when a girl opens, you have to whip her ass with a woodstick then she has to give you a shooter of vodka otherwise her vagina will be dry all the year. Yeah it s a bit machist but it s cool… it can also be dangerous when guys start to be drunk… My girlfriend was alone at home and drunk guys hit her ass with a baseball bat, she had blue ass for 1 week :D

I has a video!

on halloween i was dressed up as “the guy who works on halloween and happy coz he’s paid double on holidays” and boy, was it a very convincing appearance!