Halo, advise pls. Saving my projects is taking 10 seconds per save

Halo world, I’ve been using RENOISE since 2010. Now when I save to a quick save why is it now taking 10 seconds (I see the spinning wheel on my Mac) then I’d be able to play RENOISE again.

anyone can help me? can I do something in my settings? It wasn’t like this last year. Well, it only took 3 seconds to have that spinning wheel then it would work again … Now it’s 10 sec.

  1. your project filesize may be big(ger). it takes 10 seconds to save and .zip 500 MB.
  2. the disk you use may be slow(er) or breaking down. a backup reminder.

if the HDD is suddenly slow, I’d say this is a HDD problem.