Handling recording latency?

Hi guys.

I’m triggering an external synth which I’ve set up as a LineIn Ret. The audio coming back from ‘MIDI Return Mode’ on a Line Input device is perfectly in time, but when I go to record it is off and needs adjusting manually with extra track delay (which is tricky to get right).

The soundcard has about 4ms of latency on its ASIO buffers. Is there any way I can precisely compensate for the delay during recording like the Line Input Device does? I’m also noticing it wavering out of sync a bit.

EDIT: I have ‘Compensate input & output latencies’ checked during recording, and adding extra latency here doesn’t work. I am triggering the sample from the first step in a given pattern

2nd EDIT: I loaded up SONAR and my reported ASIO latencies are (tried adjusting for the below but it still drifts out of sync?):

  • Input: 6.1msec
  • Output: 4msec
  • Total Roundtrip: 10.1msec

“Record off” is realtime rendering or using another editor? No clue anymore about windows, did you try asio4all?

Try the sum of your audio buffer and the track compensation delay.

Main Menu>Song>Plugin Delay compensation info

Use an asio driver fi you’re not and midi keyboard, not the computer keyboard, see if that helps too.

@Jurek, I’m using realtime recording via the sample recorder. Going to have a look into asio4all

@gova, I’m triggering recorded notes back in the tracker. I’ll try playing around with latencies and drivers when I have time and get back to you.

Thanks both

you may also want to try latencymon http://www.resplendence.com/latencymon

Hey guys,

All is working smoothly now! I added the plugin compensation delay == input delay to match its RTT of 10.1.

@escii I checked reports and seems fine for realtime recording. Looks like a useful tool though