Handling The Vsti

hello there…

i got interesting idea: what about making a effect plugin for renoise
which would handle with VSTi? parameters would be arpeggio, portamento,
glide, vibrato, etc… I can’t handle with majority of VSTi and it’s
just driving me mad when i want to glide that nice synth and I just can’t!

or is there better way how to controll VSTi?

could it make someone as a VST effect? I bet it wouldn’t be such difficult…

thanks for answers!

The command is “91” in panning row, and default value is 4000. But it’s hard to make a really good slide since it’s not sliding the pitch, it just sets it at each tick.

I agree with you completely, pitch has a standard CC number in MIDI/VSTis and really should be mapped to its respectable command in renoise. I do know panning and volume is being routed correctly, but the pitch is still missing… it should be possible.

it’s not so simple, because they work differently:
MIDI pitch is “set and forget”: if you set 91 6000, the sound will remain pitched until you reset it with 91 4000.
Tracker pitch is similar until a new note comes: the new note resets the pitch and this behaviour is incoherent with the MIDI one.

As previous discussions already showed, maybe it’s better keeping the two worlds separated.

I know that, but a solution should be possible nevertheless. What is wrong with resetting the pitch on midi instruments before every time a new note is played?

If this is a matter of compatibilty with samples instruments, i think we should either have a new set of commands or simply dont care, i dont think anyone uses both samples and vst/midi in the same instrument anyway.

Anyway, i’ve completly forgotten or missed what has been said about this earlier.

I would use an arpeggiator for instruments, like it’s done in FLS. It would be a great idea, espacially if it worked like the one in newest Fruity, where you can set “auto” and then if you hit a chord with VST/Sampler/whatever is loaded the chord is arpeggiated - it’s a great idea, especially good for trancers :)

they just don’t behave the same way:

MIDI pitch wheel gives you control over all the currently playing notes, while this could not be true for samples (for example, when using note offs).

I reply: what’s wrong with using two different commands as it is now?

Also, don’t forget that present pitch slide command has a value range of 00…FF, while MIDI pitch wheel has a resolution of 91 00,00 … 91 FF,FF so you will loose precision in such a mapping, as it already occurs by using the volume column (00…40) mapped to MIDI velocity (00…FF)

Retrig and Arpeggio tracking commands support for MIDI/VSTi has already been implemented for ReNoise 1.5

It’s not like an arpegiator, but… ehy… :)

[quote name=‘It-Alien’]

The tracking commands? If they work the same as with samples than it’s not the thing I need. I don’t want to make chip chords with a VSTi :).

Slides are mostly used in solos, so this is not a big issue. Rather be able to slide at all than not.

My point is getting to a place where you dont lose the sliding feeling, the 91 command just sets it at ticks, it would be nice to get it filled with lots of interpolated values in a sliding command, like effect 1 and 2 do for samples.

That’s true, I just don’t think you really need that much precesion, and remember the amount of pitch can be adjusted in most MIDI synths and VSTis i guess. I would like to see pitchslide up/down implemented the best they can.

BUT, if using the same effects as for samples really is a bad solution, what about making a set of new midi/vst slide commands, it could work like this… Lets say we call pitchslideup 94, and this can be given a value of 0 -> 4000 which indicates how much sliding upwards it does. And the same thing with pitchslidedown 95 … and we are off to Mars, where we can drink beer brewed with water from Mars!?

“Glide to note” is impossible though :)

I agree! If the current set pitch bend command is left intact and VSTi slide is also implemented I think it’s a great idea (be it a new command or the same as for samples, that’s not a big deal). And if slides are somewhat interpolated the missing resolution would not be a big problem. Also the pitch would have to be reset on the next note, whichever column it appears in, but I don’t see that as a problem either…

I agree with that as well. With midi, it’s usually only a whole step to 2 whole steps difference, standardly anyway, in any one maxed out pitch bend up or down. If there aren’t enough pitches between in those adjustments, there’s something wrong or the person is working with a 36 tone base song (instead of our regular 12 tone base).

Another idea:

How about an “effect smoothing” option?

It would probably be very processor intensive to do though.

Let’s just say commands for two lines of whetever effect or pitch or whatever ends in:


Renoise would have to calculate


between each line/tick. You know–like a pornamento sort of.

If something like this was possible, it could benefit ALL the effects.

Man would it be processor intensive though…