Hands On IV

Here it is, the 4th album in my series “Hands On”. Please enjoy in FLAC or Mp3! :)/>/>


Y01. Spiral Hands On Twins - Starter 04:40
Y02. Spiral Hands On Reptile & Sky - Dark Encounters 02:49
Y03. Spiral Hands On Lizardking - Tides Of Dosk 03:11
Y04. Spiral Hands On MyVoice - Kototron 04:47
Y05. Spiral Hands On Gnosis - Loom 03:54
Y06. Spiral Hands On Piko & DreaMSectioN - Mellow Morada 03:08
Y07. Spiral Hands On Lizardking - Minoan War (GG Mix) (Original by Koto) 04:42
Y08. Spiral Hands On Reptile & Sky - Dienen Pappa 3 (Flux Re-Mix) 04:46
Y09. Spiral Hands On Anders Åkerheden - April Snow (Club Le Brisc Remix) 05:08
Y10. Spiral Hands On Elwood - Unknown Phuture 05:14
Y11. Spiral Hands On MyVoice - Nosmo King 05:23
Y12. Spiral Hands On Spiral - Show Me The Universe (2013 Re-Edit) 05:06
Y13. Spiral Hands On Jochen Hippel - Wings Of Death (Level 1) 04:40
Y14. Spiral Hands On Rapture - Lightspeed Travel 03:02
Y15. Spiral Hands On Prism - Clover Leaf 03:28
Y16. Spiral Hands On Terry S. Taylor - Klaymen’s Theme (The Neverhood) 02:30


What genre is this kind of music?

It is called spacesynt! :)/> And if you like it, check out this site: http://www.spacesynth.net/


Ok, thanks, I’ll check it out.

From what I understand, you have produced remixes of the artists’ original works - hence the “hands on”. Are the original songs available for download, or are they on albums?

I know Lizardking’s stuff, as he was involved in various demo groups in the 90’s. The rest is unknown to me.

Btw, is “Spiral hands on Spiral” you remixiing your own song?

Yeah, most of the original songs (wich is either .mod or .xm)can be found over at http://amp.dascene.net/ (Amiga Music Preservation). And about my own song there, I had one old .xm song laying around wich needed a little up lift and so I incl. that one on the album. :)

i will listen your album i dl it