Handtool shortcut for Waveform editor

For the Waveform editor I would like to request new keyboard shortcuts that allow navigating the zoomed in view left and right.

Some apps have a feature where you press down the mouse-wheel button and drag left and right, a shortcut for this behavior would be sweet and or alternatively like in apps such as Photoshop it’s possible to hold down H or Spacebar and use LMB to drag the view left/right:

The sampler also have a minimap of the sample, maybe make it draggable or clickable so you can navigate the selected view from there.

use shift key (+mouse wheel), bro ;]


That does nothing for me, is that on Mac? I’m on PC.
Also I can’t find anything when looking for key bindings > Sample editor > Navigation

edit: Maybe I didn’t explain myself well… I don’t want to zoom I just want to scroll like using the scrollbar. I don’t see any other way than to use the scrollbar on Sampler Waveform page!?

On Windows 10:

leftAlt + scrollWheel

(Moves the horizontal scrollbar, traversing the waveform while zoomed in or out.)

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That works indeed but it doesn’t scroll much, would be better if you could leftAlt + left-click and drag

Ya, that’d be on a mac. Shame, works great here, I use it all the time.