Happy Birthday Taktik

Well, Happy Birthday, how much old man ? :)

huh, it’s already been one year since last one?

happy birthday taktik, you’re finally 20!

happy birthday!

Cheers. I only age by 0.1 per year as you all know ;)

Happy birthday Taktik. :)

Let’s hope you are as vivid when you reach the age of 8 ;)
I forgot you shared your birthday with our old Queen…


Wow… lots of people I know have a birthday today… the birthday section on my facebook page has never seen so much action on one day… and now taktik!

I have a special birthday greeting for you taktik, but first, a quote from some random comedian that I heard from a friend back in highschool:
“We enter this world naked, bloody, and screaming. That sort of thing doesn’t have to end there if you know how to live right” - Dana Gould

Let me be the first to wish you a happy naked, bloody, screaming baby day!

bloody and naked? nah, taktik was already plotting renoise-world-domination inside a womb :)

anyway, happy b-day man! :)

new renoise is lookin’ great and BTW great review in CM.

but of course, you probably won’t even read all these greetings that will follow here, you germans, always engineering sumthin’ and stuff :D

Woo! My birthday too! I can’t think of a better hero to share it with :)
Happy days Taktik! Wowowow!

Happy birthday from Sweden!

Happy Birth Day Taktik!!! :)

meh ;)

congrats and best wishes!

yep congrats from belgica …

Happy B-Day Taktik. :D

Respect. Cheers!


happy birthday you young stud :D

happy birthday man