Happy Birthday Vincent!

Have a nice day Vincent. Congratulations! :yeah:

:guitar: :guitar:


Have a nice day!

Whoa, you’re old ;)

Van harte gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! (hope I wrote that right)

yeah, happy birthady! i am very glad to see i am not the eldes one :D

Happy birthday!! :drummer:

happy new year of breathing and heart beating!

Gefelicitaart dude!

Actually who is the oldest member here? I surely hope it is not me? (34) Yeah I know I do not look like it but that’s because most of the time my body is conserved with alcohol…

happy b-day. :)

32 old?
I can’t wait until i’m 50…

Thanks all for the cheers.
Tell all your wives you’re allowed to drink a beer for me.

We’re too young to have wives :D

Happy belated birthday! :)

Trust me, girlfriends are already wives before you ever notice they are.
As soon as you put that ring around their finger it’s the complete unleashment of the warden.

f**** wife, who needs to ask her? im drinking beer right now… cheers bro :yeah:

I’m back from a short (and stressing) vacation, so I’ve read this only now.

My spine hurts, so I feel older than you :)

happy day-after-birthday!