Happy Birthday Vvoois !

:w00t: Congrats to Vincent the wiki mastah!! :w00t:
Hope you’ll have a great birthday!

(also congrats to DJ Hidden, if you’d actually show up :P)

gefeliciteerd vincent, ook namens mij.


Congrats to both of you!


HB! (i’m in a hurry :P)

Damn, too late.

Nevertheless: All the best from me.

Well thanks for the cheers.
Have a beer from me, you can tell your wife that it is allowed.

Happy belated bday. I had a few beers yesterday for you, even though I didn’t know it at the time. :)

Ook te laat maar beter dan nooit nie… Gefeliciteerd!

Happy birthday from an old fan. :)

Still have your old XM’s in my collection!