Happy Happy New Year!


For making the world a better place
and saving all the lost souls![/center]

happy new year to all from the danish junglecore/drillcore producer

Scandinavian Noize Syndicate

happy new beer 2oo9
from HEL-finland-europa
cAMEL (from the road.)


I just hope someone doesn’t shoot fireworks through my window, the wind is insane right now…

But yeah happy new year :D

Better next year for everyone. Keep on trackin’

Happy new year! renoise!!

~ Super Joy to you all, from the SF Bay Area ~
I got…an unpleasant stomach condition…from diner food tonight. I won’t spell out the details.

:D 2009

Happy new year to all of you. This year didn’t start out particulary great for me, just 1.5 hour in, but I don’t I’ve could have done much to change the situation either. So, with a pain in my stomache, let’s enter 2009.

My 50,- firework fountain was a big dissapointment :(

I hope it’s not a sign for 2009…

Best wishes everyone!

Happy hangover recovery day!

happy new year
And happy hangover recovery :D

Happy New Years and God bless!

wow another year hurrah just three more to go

hehe… what, are you turning thirty or something?? :lol:

happy new year all.


Finally it can be possible to CONSIDER A GREETING FOR A YEAR OF 2009 with all the persons inside this planet who survived the celebrations, WHICH IS A GOOD BONUS IF YOU CAN GET IT. For New Years I changed my resolution to 1280*960 as SETTING OF SIGNAL, but also to make gesture to peace on the aliens from space. Can I has the joyful wishing of the least worst to “no human being excluded”? Oh indeed I can has it. YOU HAS IT TOO! SO LET’S FLAUNT.[/center]

why, do your balls fall off once you reach thirty?? ;)

If everything goes according to plan, I’ll turn twenty-six this year.

oh man,im turning 30 in 2 months :wacko: