Happy Hardcore Production

I’ve getting right into happy hardcore as a guilty pleasure (Dougal and Gammer etc.) and I’m finding it difficult to produce a deep kick.
Though I’ve managed to make some seriously hard-hitting ones, I’m having a little difficulty with thumping kick drums. I’ve managed to get some great happy hardcore kicks out of layering and modifying native Renoise samples but none have had the proper bassy thump to them. Any suggestions?
Also, any and all production techniques and tips relating to this genre would be greatly appreciated! (I’m trying produce a short gabber/ hardcore set for a party I’m playing at.)

Try this Here.

If that’s not good for you just search around on that site or make your own in some VST or mess around in Adobe Audition or Soundforge (I go with Audition).

I mess around with happycore too. It will always be a special kind of music to me ;)

Hope this helps… If you need any examples ill shoot you a quick made .xrns.