Happy Havoc

I would describe this as some kind of fusion between alternative noise rock and doom metal. :yeah:


On your track I wouldn’t guess it is not any real band, for tracker works this is
really well done. Sounds authentic and natural.

The only thing I miss is a spot of more lower frequencies. Bass stays in background and the drums
are not that carrying vehicle, they’re “placed” too far behind the guitars (space) and they come
a bit “disempowered” (lack of lower freqs too).

Please remember, this all applies to my opinion, I just fire out, what comes first to
my mind. ;)


It kinda makes some sense that it lacks some bass as i was a bit aggressive on the filtering to prevent a muddy mix, because my guitar was a bit out of tune due to new strings.
I might have been using a bit much reverb too maybe?

Don’t think so. Listen to the drums at e.g. 02:06 - I hear the “room’s” reverberation, very nice.
(Do bass drum and snare share the same column ?)
I’d only raise the drum’s volume and give it a bit more substance, more “body”.

Just my 2 cents … :)