Happy Hollidays

Happy Hollidays fellow renoisers! Here you get an early Christmas present from me. A few days ago, I finished my first XRNI sound bank and this is the result of over almost two years of hard work;) I hope you enjoy it, but first read the License Agreement, thank you!

Best regards/ Tweeny (former RollingThunderDjmetaforis)

ALL SOUNDS IS CREATED BY: Johannes Rudenstén.

Unless otherwise stated, once You have downloaded TweenyŽs XRNI Bank Volume 1 Content it is yours to keep. You have an Unlimited License to use TweenyŽs XRNI Bank Volume 1 By: Johannes Rudenstén in the context of any musical and/or sound composition. You cannot redistribute or sell your TweenyŽs XRNI Bank Volume 1 Content to another party as standalone sounds or bundled with a legitimate License Transfer from another software product.


thanks geezer, might just be what i need!!


You´re welcome ;)

Thanks, downloading.

Thanks, some really nice instruments here!! Could optimize them for size tho, some lead samples are really long and could easily be looped.

Checking out the DSP chains, awesome work there!

@delt, You are right some sounds are quite large. The reason for that is that I have not been able to find any acceptable loop Points in wich you don´t hear the sound beeing looped. there for I´ve gave some of the instruments a longer duration to make them more useable. Really nice that you like my Sounds/DSP-chains !!