Happy New Year 2010!

“Happy New Year 2010!”
…maybe ;)

Wish a good start to all ^_^

Happy 0x7DA

Happy fresh decade!

btw, how to change forum nick?


Happy 2202110!

In my defence, I posted that before I logged into Facebook.

Great minds plagiarize alike! :)

Happy new year!
I hope this year will be creative and that you will success your musical projects.

okay still dolphin, but now with hangover :ph34r:

Happy new year to you all!!

Bonne année!

Happy new year! Feliz año nuevo!
I hope i can realase some indie ep this year! Making my first renoise songs…

Thank you, that’s very nice of you all.

Anyone knows how were gonna call the past decade?

I mean, we have the seventies, eighties, roaring twenties. Is the past decade gonna be the nullties or the zeroties? And what about the next decade, the tenties?

I’m thinking about it since 2000, and I never heard someone else talking about this problem.

The noughties or the 2000’s. When I say the 2000’s nobody gets confused. The noughties has the most traction so far as I’ve seen in the written word, and sports that handy double-entendre :)

I imagine this decade will be christened by some mix of the tens / the tennies / the teens / the teenies / the twenty-tens / the twenteens. Wouldn’t be surprised if “tenties” makes it, despite the progression 8’ties, 9’ties, 10’ties, 11’ties (putting us in the eleventies :P)

In Dutch ‘niksies’ (pronounced as ‘nick sees’) sounds quite charming, despite the social and cultural void that our civiliations are going through.

The ‘niksies’ seem to have been dominated by a war on terrorism, Idols and X-factor.