Happy New Year 2010!

its time to look back last year and its been wonderful with up and downs.
one of the greatest thing that has been happen to most of us has been this wonderful release of renoise 2.5
lets keep the tracks rollin.
take care.
everything best for next year.
may it be even better than previous ones.


:yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:

\ :D/\ :D/\ :D/\ :D/\ :D/\ :D/\ :D/\ :D/\ :D/

may the stupid recession end plz

edit: i’ve got 0x90 posts here now omfg!

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Happy new year guys :) Here’s hoping we finally get to see flying cars and laser guns this decade \m/ >_< \m/ I WANT MY PROMISED SCI FI FUTURE

Happy new year! :D

Happy new year! - ¡Feliz año nuevo!

Happy new year! - С Новым Годом!

Happy New Year :D

Happy new year! :)

I need cloning: one thread does day job and family duties, second thread enjoys programming, making music and other time consuming tasks.

Happy New Year to you all, x2 to the Renoise Team who go out of their way to make us happy all year round :)

happy new years from denmark to all my fellow tracking compadres :yeah:

happy new decade

Another decade, another chance to make something off this strange life we’ve been thrown into. Hopefully a decade with less bullshit for us all and more happy times if possible!

Good and fruitful new-year, peoples!

i love u all =)

I am dolphin!

HNY from me 2 :)

Hey, and now we’ll be able to call the next 10 years by a shorthand name, the “teens” or the “tens”, unlike 2000-2009…

Happy New Year, good times and many more :)

drunk in california… not midnite yet!!!1

Calm down… now it’s over :)


God what a new year’s night… but yeah, hope for better times :D Happy new year!