Happy New Year!

Well, it’s midnight here and I’m probably the only one who isn’t getting drunk at some party :( <_< ;) , so:
Happy new year to the renoise team and all users! I wish you all a happy and succesful year 2004! :yeah: :drummer: :guitar:


You´re not the only one -_- -_- :(
… wrghhh having a damaged leg sucks :angry:

anyway… wish you all a happy new year too :)

Happy New Year everyone!! :lol:

And best wishes from DDspeed!!!

Happy new year and the best wishes to all of you!

I hope 2004 will bring a lot of joy and inspiration to all fellow composers and of course the developers who make it all possible!


You are not the only one, as my girlfriend is pregnant we are taking it soft :) Happy New year! To everyone here supporting Renoise and to the cool developers!

And I wish I where not on a party yesterday. My head feels like …
happy new year !

a really succsessful and happy new year from the north-east of germany to the whole Renoise-Dev-Team and all Renoise users on our little planet earth ;)

(in the last day of 2003/the first day of 2004 i introduced my band the first complete song for my next single/album … done with Renoise … be patient for the upcoming releases on the net and CD of the renamed and restyled band-project “das Buch & das Bild” … bookmark www.freideuter.de

A happy new year to everyone from here aswell! :)

×ñïíéÜ ðïëëÜ, õãåéÜ, åõôõ÷ßá êáé êÜèå ðñüïäï óå üëïõò óáò , óôéò ïéêïãÝíåéåò óáò êáé åéäéêÜ óå üëïõò ôïõò áíáãíþóôåò ôïõ Renoise

Happy new year from Cyprus ;)

Good luck in 2004 everyone, it’ll be a good year :)


here in asia (singapore), we are celebrating the Lunar New Year very soon. It’s like another new year for us, because there’s a public holiday too!

in mandarin i wish all renoise users: Xing Nian Kuai Le! (happy new year)

yippie! B)