Hard Techno Drums with no samples or synths. Only Renoise!

Hello dear friends and Techno lovers,
I made this quick tutorial using the Almost Drums tool to generate all the sounds.
I used macros to control some open hats parameters for automating (During the track) + a kiскsтart2 vst for fast sidechaining (You can use your own method).
Almost Drums is a great tool. I have been using it for a long while to generate some kicks and quick hats. For the rest types of sounds, i think it still needs a bit of improvements.


Nice one. If I’m about to produce Techno again, I will check this out. Btw, it’s interesting how you add notes. Don’t you use the step length? Just hold Ctrl and push the button of your desired number, in this case it’s a 4. Then you just have to hold Q until the column is full of C notes having the same distance to each other. It only takes seconds to do it this way. And when you’re talking about “Hard Techno Drums”, don’t forget the rumble. Here’s a nice addition to your tutorial:


Hey)) Thanks. No, i do not use the step length at all. Its like a little game for me that i enjoy doing manually by pressing a note then three arrows down + repeat for 4/4 notes. When you miss a 4th = game over :smile:

About the rumble technique in his video - yes, this one works also. But i prefer to create a (bass) sound and have more controls on without having any reverbed tails or something. Both work. Mine in the video is safe and economic (13:16) .

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Not to deprive you of your game, but for repetitive patterns, copy and control + P is awesome for quick workflow