Hard/trash Metal

Hey, people.

Hope that someone can answer this question for me. Someone who knows what the “deal” with Metal and so on is…

A friend of mine just moved to my town, and with him followed two of his college-friends, one whom which listens to metal music NON stop.

I don’t get it… Sounds like a whole bunch of noise to me. Especially the drums; “The faster the drums are being played (base/tom drums in particular) the better the music is.” Quote from the “metal-head”.

So, i’m trying to understand this, so I asked him “But what about the music? There is no music, just really fast drums and a really noisy guitar going chop-chop-chop-chop-chopchopchop!”, in which he replied something like “Well it takes a huge effort to be able to play the guitar or the drums that fast, which makes it cool to listen to”…


Isn’t that like LISTENING to sports? You’re not really enjoying it because of the music, you’re enjoying it simply because you KNOW that “wow, this guy can keep this beat up for 5 minutes without getting a cramp, he’s a real athlete!”

Wouldn’t that almost be like listening to someone running for half an hour, play tennis nonstop for hours, or chopping trees till there were no more?

Someone help me out here?


well… that’s not exactly what metal is about…

Metal is about anger, and positive reaction.

Some of metal players, mostly into power-metal, just reduce this to a proof of strength and stamina, but this is a distorted (hehe) point of view in my opinion.

I don’t listen to metal as much as I did in the past, which is quite normal because I listened only to metal and tracked music in the past, while now I’ve “evolved”, but I still appreciate bands where this positive spirit of reaction was or is clear (some names: Death, Pantera, Sepultura, Machine Head).

Metal is an extreme kind of music and can be associated with, followed by and seen as an exteme thought. Extreme does not mean strupid everythim, though :)

They have little to do with your friend’s idea of music.

forgot to say that the correct spell is “thrash metal”.

Also forgot to say that this evening I’m going to listen to a live concert by Dismember :yeah:

i dislakes " pop" metal, but kinda like the more extreme poo.
but if your friends like thrash metal… i guess they might like “the Berserker” from australia… or an other extreme music style: speedcore ( since gabba is too slow :slight_smile: … i guess they might like.


I like to listen from time to time to Dimmu Borgir. :D It sounds more extreme, I somehow feel the need of listening to such stuff from time to time.

I have a friend who is a classically trained violinist. He loves to listen to violin solos, and sometimes picks the most - to me - uninteresting passages to listen to over, and over, and… He does this because he enjoys the technical aesthetic of the music, not because of the quality of the arrangement or anything like that. As someone who learned sequencing and arranging long before learning any classical instrument, I didn’t initially understand what he saw in the pieces at all.

I suppose it’s somewhat equivalent to watching sports, although I’ll bet you used sports as an analogy because you think of them as sort of dumb and brutal; you could have also compared it to watching a Japanese tea ceremony if you liked.

Do you know who’s the guy on the picture?

His one of the most stupid and thus famous Polish polititians.


This is the most stupid thing about metal I’ve ever heard in my life…

Richard Christie
Dave Lombardo
Gene Hogland
Sean Reinert
Mike Portnoy

listen to these drummers and you’ll understand that speed is not the main element for a wonderful metal track

Was there also a band called “Subliminal crusher”? I played wihth their guitarist :yeah:

Did you enjoy the concert??