Harddisk Failure

So today one of my cats decided to have his special 15 minutes of mayhem partially on my desk and knocked an external harddisk to the ground in the process, smashing the case probably killing the insides for good :(

The harddisk now makes a special, almost musical, sound…exactly like in this youtube example vid:

I read replies where people state slapping a rubber hammer to the sides (lol) could fix it, my question is if any of you technical Renoisers have experience with teh glitch and fixing it!? Up till now smacking it for the last hour hasn’t done anything.

Thank the lord I have my samples and Renoise tracks backed up on another Harddisk, but there still is a big deal of shit on it that I’d like to retrieve…

Let this be a warning to everybody collecting shit digitally without extra backups, you never know…

If you can actually access the drive, and need recovery software to fix damaged partitions, PM me for useful info

That is so screaming for techno! Sorry, I know, this is kinda putting salt in the wounds… and I just realize it’s a pun, too… oh man… :smashed:

My condolences. It’s something all of us must go through at some point (or several).

@ byte: I can’t access the drive (yet), but thanks for the offer.

I read this in a reply on youtube from a technical bloke:

"It’s the motor and platters resonating as the servo control is trying to spin it up at a controlled rate yet can’t probably due to stiction.

The heads are mounted on floaters that, when the drive is off, are placed off the platters on ramps (ramp load/unload technology) or, in the case of the Maxtor, the floaters physically resting on landing zones on the platters.

Stiction occurs when the floaters stick to the platters. and may cause noises on power up, such as phaser noises or even “notes.”"

Someone tipped throwing the disk around like a frisbee (without letting go :) ), so I’ll try that for the coming hour.

put some japanese pop music on, tape yourself spinning for 10 minutes, upload to youtube -> even if it doesn’t help with the HD, everybody wins!

I guess you don’t have warrenty on it.

I don’t no much about external hard drives but have you tried opening up the case a having a look inside. The cover not the hard drive itself.
I think you may be able to take the hard drive out and stick it inside a computer.
All that banging don’t sound to good for the drive.
I think some connections are loose.

If you want my advise on this?
Hide your external HDD behind a pictureframe with your GF and surround it with stuff like a desk-phone, staplers and all that small office gadgets.
We have two cats, they void walking there because it is way too crowded with stuff to even get near the hdd case.