Harder Drums (hardstyle)

As you probably know, I create Hardstyle - Music. But I cannot create cool drums like this style - I know that this is a DSP-chain-thing (909 with distortion) but my drums never sound “hard” enough. I also want to get this typical “bassdrum-offbass”-feeling from famous Hardstylers like Blutonium Boy or DJ Neo.

How do I get more agressive sounds?

Im not even gonna pretend like i know the right recipe but perhaps some compression with some well placed reverb would do the trick?

But it’s so difficult :( - My drums never “kick”… They simply sound like tracker-music (in the old times)

I’ve checked your links, but don’ understand what exactly “bassdrum-offbass feeling” do you mean… Errm… i understand what style but not understand what exact sounds you wanna recreate.

Can you upload some small examples?

Currently I am sitting in the office. So I cannot upload some demos :(

C-3 01 ---  
--- ---  
--- C-4 02  
--- ---  
C-3 01 ---  
--- ---  
--- C-4 02  
--- ---  
C-3 01 ---  

01 is a bassrum, 02 is the offbeat bass. In most hardstyle-tracks the offbeat bass sounds like it’s parallel to the bassdrum (like they are the same) but somehow not.

This offbeat feeling is something that has to do with compression on the drums and the bassline… You can make a ducking effect if you play with the attack and release of the compressor this will create a sort of swing.

I have found a good compressor to use is the Buzz Gran comp available HERE. This is my favourite free compressor at the moment. I have found it particularly good for bass drums.

A good tip I recently learnt also on setting up compressors to get the threshold at the right level (and further compressor adjustment) can be found at the top of page 10 of the article linked on this page, along with other audio tips.

Normally a compressor is used to supress hard peaks or gain some volume on softer sounds. What you want do is actually abuse it :)
You can take a send channel put a compressor on that channel. Set a senddevice on both tracks pointing to that sendchannel. If you take the compressor you have to play around with it. Just go really wild with the threshholds and the gain, attack and release. The best way to experience differences is to replace the bass sound with a busy loop with hihats and all kinds of percussion in it. But keep the bassdrum on the other channel. It’s hard to explain but use different compressors from different vendors to get your sound. I know allot of theory here but try to experiment!

I don´t really know how to create them either but I found some nice samples to screw around with.


Some really high quality kicks :walkman:

I’ve put an example online for you to download. Keep in mind I just listened to the site dopefisch mentioned and tried to sort of quickly recreate it with native Renoise compressors, distortion, EQ and a little reverb. Hopefully it is what you mean? I’m not a hardstyle producer ;)


As i mention somewhere in forum before - my favourite free compressor for pumping fx is Arguru’s STARDUST page
Controls setup is very easy and intuitive.

BTW: very nice example you made, Rick ! :drummer:

hello, i ve been looking for a Good Hardstyle kick+ bass for LOOOONG time now, too.
the little i ve been able to know is that the bass in Hstyle start on the beat ( instead of halfbeat) and has a long attach.
so it s more like this:

c-4 1 00 | c-4 2 00 |
0-0 | 0-0 |
0-0 | 0-0 |
0-0 | 0-0 |
c-4 1 00 | c-4 2 00 |

i remember i sampled a VERY good bass from a technoboy track and i ve also used it in a gabba track of mine. i guess i ll be able to find it again.
it s kinda old but with some eq and compression everything will be fixed…


Sounds to me like you’re all discussing about one of the main themes in the wide field of making music. The Bass + BDrum “paste” is what makes the “beat” in the first place and the two instruments really have deep interaction that sounds totally different each time you change something.
If we’re trying to describe a dsp approach that’s fine… but there is no “trick” to get a “Good bass+bdrum line” as this is somehow like asking “how do I compose a catchy melody?” and that’s a bit too wide of a topic :lol:

What I wanted to archieve was just to get fatter basses. The Example above sounds exactly what I was thinking about. Just a normal bassdrum and some kewl fx and this makes my day…

Uhm… I’m not sure what you mean by split but the way Renoise works is that if you want to use 2 channels with the same effect, you have to use a senddevice and point it to the channel where the effect is located. You can download my example and see what I did. If I’m doing it wrong please correct me. And keep in mind we were trying to achieve an effect that gives us that hardstyle like sound not mastering a track.

to make those really dirty overdrived drums i would recommend a waveshaper.
cyanide (google…) is a good one.
at first opening drag the right point to the upper right corner, then take the middle point and drag it to the left-upper corner. to get more distorted sound left-click on an empty space and drag this point to the left-upper corner too.
just a recommend. there are much more strange things you can do with it. :)

keyword: Phat Pro

makes even a nedledrop sound like it got amped up and played on a 4x12inch speaker system!


mabe not, but it gives bottom, feel, and flow.

When using the Send channels in Renoise you can choose whether to send the original signal on through the DSP chain, and ultimately onto the Master channel, or to cut it off at that point, ultimately merging more than one track together for using effects on the whole lot (much like with real auxilleries, although a real desk has gain at the beggining and end of the chain.)

Like this you do process the whole sound, not just a split of the signal (unless you have chosen not to.)

There is a royalty free sample pack that can be download here…


The technical term for what you are after appears to be “gated” of which you’ll find a number of “gated” kicks in this pack…

There is also 50 diffrent “gates” for kicks on the Vengeance Essential Clubsounds CD although it is a little pricey…

It can be found here…


You can also just cut off the gates of any kicks you find that have them and mix and match with other kicks…

I don’t quite know where your problem is making hardcore kickdrums but if this is too simple let me know.

The hardcore kickdrum is made by taking a normal 909 style kick and
distorting/overdriveing it. The more distortion the more sustain or “tail” the kick will have. You can get cool variations of this by connecting the kick to the following chain:

Kick - distortion - EQ - distortion.

Add more of each anywhere in the chain that you like but distorting the eq’d signal makes it sound different. In particular, add some midrange on the eq and experiement with the settings. I’d create wild hardcore kicks by long chains of dist and eq machines. If you want some “boom” to the kick run it through a reverb unit, but this works best on kicks with a fast decay (low distortion amount).

Here’s some of my hardcore tracks I produced on Buzz, are you looking for kicks like that?


I look forward to cranking out some obscene electonic distorted mayhem on Renoise.